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We have put together a list of the most FAQs here which will hopefully give you some quick answers to the most common queries. However if there are any questions that haven’t been answered please get in touch here

There are many considerations when choosing a nursery including location and price. However, the  most important aspect is that it needs to feel right for you.

Our website has lots of information, but nothing can substitute for a visit, where you can see for yourself who we are and what we do. Some families come more than once so that they can be confident that all questions have been asked and the whole family is happy. 

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Both our nurseries are very busy but we do currently have spaces thanks to a recent expansion. If you are interested in a space, please discuss it with our managers as soon as possible.

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N C Nurseries prides itself on the flexible, supportive settling in process that it offers families. Some children settle immediately, and some need longer to become used to being away from the home environment. Whatever your family needs, our staff will help you through this process ensuring both children and parents are confident they have made the right choice of childcare.

N C Nurseries has recently started using an Online Learning Journal which allows parents to see observations made of their child. This is a great way of keeping up to date with your child’s development and even includes photos of the day’s activities.

N C Nurseries prides itself on being able to manage food allergies. We have children attending both settings with a wide variety of allergies including nuts, milk, gluten etc. Our cooks work with parents to understand the needs of the child and prepares special food which is suitable.

We also believe it is important that children don’t recognise their eating as ‘different’ to the other children so while we prepare their food separately, staff are sensitive and professional about ensuring the child does not feel a perceived ‘difference’.

Yes, both settings are registered with all the main childcare voucher providers and the owner supports local limited companies to set up self-administered childcare voucher schemes. This enables many parents to save money on their childcare costs.

We are registered with Edenred, Computershare, Allsave, Fideliti, Bristol City, Sodexo, to name but a few. For any we are not already registered with, we will be happy to support a Parent’s Application Form.