Please read our testimonials that have been received from the parents of children who have attended either Puddles or Giggles in the last two years

This nursery has done wonders for my little lady! So kind, caring, thoughtful and informative. Everyone is always so welcoming, it really has a community feel and the staff are so involved they celebrate your children’s success as much as you do! Really cannot thank all they have done for my child.
Lauren R
Excellent- very caring, professional and friendly staff. I have full confidence in sending my daughter to this nursery.
My review of Giggles Nursery overall is brilliant. My little girl has been going for nearly 2 years and every day she looks forward to going and seeing friends. Staff is always updating me about progress and how she has been on the day. 3 days a week and dinner always seem very healthy with lots of meat and vegetables. A new garden has been finished in the outside area and is amazing with lots of fantastic activities for all age kids. Pictures are taken of kids, regularly of progress and different stages succeeded and put onto own personal account for only parent to access which was a brilliant idea. (I could go on forever about lots of great pointers, but all kids are very happy when in the nursery) Great work staff!!
I recommend Giggles to everyone looking for a nursery. My eldest went here and loved it as it really brought him out of his shell and now my youngest goes here and also loves it. The staff are excellent and always update you on your child's progress and what they have been doing. I also love using tapestry and think that is a brilliant addition as you can see pictures and videos of your child and information about what they did on your personal account.
This is our second child to attend Giggles Nursery, which means we are very happy with the place and truly can recommend the nursery to other parents. We haven't had any problems with communicating requests etc to staff. Every person in Giggles is very helpful and friendly. This is definitely the best nursery in the area and further!
My daughter has been going to this nursery for almost 2 years and it's been lovely. I've really developed a relationship with the staff and I trust them so much. They've even given me advice and you know they are working hard with the kids to provide a fun yet educational environment.

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