Please read our testimonials that have been received from the parents of children who have attended either Puddles or Giggles in the last two years

Dex hasn’t been with Giggles for very long, however he has really enjoyed his time at the nursery. Everybody has made him feel so welcome so he fitted in straight away. Thank you!
Scarlett & Dexter
Kayden has settled in very well here at Giggles, thanks to the staff for helping him feel happier when I have left him, and for doing so much to help him learn and grow.
Kayden Mclennan
Alexandra and Emily have both loved puddles over the years. Both found the confidence to be themselves and have had loads of fun. We will miss Puddles but Emily is ready to go off to school. Thank you to everyone!
Jason, Mel & Emily
Puddles Staff – Thank you for everything, it was a really stressful time for us when maxi started and you made everything so easy, without you guys I don’t know what we would’ve done!!!
Thomas, Hannah & Maximus
This is our second child to attend Giggles Nursery, which means we are very happy with the place and truly can recommend the nursery to other parents. We haven't had any problems with communicating requests etc to staff. Every person in Giggles is very helpful and friendly. This is definitely the best nursery in the area and further!
Naomi has enjoyed her time at giggles nursery, where she was always very welcomed and always felt at home. The skills she has learnt while at Giggles will be invaluable.
Naomi Moreira
We would like to thank you all for everything you have done for all of our children – you have been part off our lives for 9 years – we will miss you all.
Lucy and Jaxson
Molly has been really happy at Giggles. I have always been really impressed with your care and great educational activities. You are all so smiley and positive. Thank you so much for everything you have done for her. You have started her off on an ideal path for school and I am very grateful. We have thoroughly enjoyed drop offs and pick up duties. The staff are lovely – all of them – and the facilities you have got are brilliant. Molly has loved the new garden space. You have done us all proud. Thank you so much.
Jane and Molly and Grandma