How do I know if Puddles or Giggles is the right nursery for me?

There are many considerations when choosing a nursery including location and price. However, the most important aspect is that it needs to feel right for you.

Our website has lots of information, but nothing can substitute for a visit, where you can see for yourself who we are and what we do. Some families come more than once so that they can be confident that all questions have been asked and the whole family is happy. 

Click here to arrange a visit.

My child has never been away from me before, how will they cope?

Our nurseries prides themselves on the flexible, supportive settling in process that they offer families. Some children settle immediately, and some need longer to become used to being away from the home environment. Whatever your family needs, our staff will help you through this process ensuring both children and parents are confident they have made the right choice of childcare.

How will I know what my child gets up to at nursery?

Puddles or Giggles staff will give you a detailed handover at the end of the day, so you know how your child has been, what they have eaten and if they have slept. We also share photos via an online journal for you to see then having fun during the week.

Do you offer Nursery Education Grant Free sessions?

Our Nurseries offer free Nursery Education Grant sessions for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds. Sessions are in demand so please discuss this with your nursery manager as early as possible. We offer huge flexibility with regards to our spaces and funding. We can even accommodate at times shift workers variability at Giggles Nursery. 30 Hour funding is however only maximised by taking more than 2 day sessions or more than 4 half day sessions. Please see our detailed fee policy for more information.

My child has food allergies, can NCN manage this?

Our nurseries pride themselves on being able to manage food allergies. We have children attending both settings with a wide variety of allergies including nuts, milk, gluten etc. Our managers work with parents to understand the needs of the child and our cook prepares special food which is suitable. We ensure that the children learn that allergies are not something to be embarrassed about, they are normal, so they learn to check with adults that the food is safe for them. This helps them stay safe as they start to spend time without their parents, such as at children’s parties.

Does the nursery accept Childcare vouchers?

Yes, both settings are registered with all the main childcare voucher providers and most parents use the Tax Free Childcare scheme to save money. Rember though when you set up your TFC account, you need to send us the money – we can’t call it off!