Our Eco Journey

“Our drive for NC Nurseries to go on an Eco-journey was initiated by our son’s passion for saving the planet (he is now our part-time Sustainability Officer, after completing his Masters Degree at Leeds University doing an MSc in Climate Change).

To be told that you as the older generation have failed the next generation and planet, was hard to hear. But sadly it is true. Our past collective actions have not been sufficient to save us from the current climate emergency. With our engineering backgrounds, we struggled to know what to do first to make the most impact and as such the Eco WheelTM Scheme was created to bring structure and logic to our own actions. There is much greenwash and it has taken time to try to understand the problem and what we as business owners in Early Years can do.

Having created the Early Years Eco Wheel, we now have a process to move forward and hope to bring everyone with us, staff, children and parents. We also now recognise the power we have by using our spending/investing decisions to make wider positive impact”.

Nicky & Fred Edwards (and Evie the dog!)

Our Top 10 Tips


1. Share the message

The more that everyone becomes aware of the climate emergency, the more receptive they will become to the actions that they must take to mitigate both the harmful green-house gases and the pollution caused by plastics.

2. Change to green energy

Changing to green energy will reduce the CO2 emissions for all the electricity that we consume. It will also send a message to the energy companies that we don’t want fossil fuels as part of our energy mix. The cost of Green energy is coming down rapidly, as of late 2019, the latest wind and solar installations will produce electricity at below that of gas, coal and nuclear derived energy.

3. Change your food habits

Remove beef from your diet and reduce your consumption of dairy products. Watch Cowspiracy! Eat more plant-based foods, that are in season and from a local source. Eat the food that you buy. Food that is thrown away is 100% wasted energy and resources.

4. Insulate your building

By improving the insulation of your building, you will be consuming less energy and therefore reducing the harmful emissions from your boiler.

5. Reduce your single-use plastics

Nappies, wet wipes, gloves, aprons etc. Plastic based products can take centuries to breakdown and could end up in the water systems and ultimately the oceans.

6. Transition to electronic communications

By promoting electronic communications, you will reduce the paper, printer ink, envelopes, postage you use and even how often you need to buy a new printer.

7. Travel

Carry out travel surveys and encourage journeys to your setting to be the most sustainable form possible.

8. Learn to love nature

By developing a love of nature, the children and hopefully the adults will understand why all this Eco stuff makes a huge difference to our planet. We rely on nature to provide our food. Nature must be preserved and allowed to flourish. Plant a tree!

9. Buy once, buy wisely

Buy products that are built to last, that are made from sustainable resources and are maintainable.

10. Follow the 8Rs

Rethink, Rethink, Rethink! Do you really need it?

The Eco Wheel

The Eco Wheel poster enables us to track our progress over time. It clearly identifies the 8 areas to work on and using the Eco wheel supporting documents we can understand the impact of our actions and prioritise what changes we make!

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The 8Rs

To save the planet is going to take changed thinking. The 8Rs are guiding us to think in different ways! The poster is simple to follow and shows a hierarchy of actions, with #1 being a better solution than #8!

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